About Us


Incorporated in the year of 2018 under the parenthood of VIP Green Home Developers Private limited, Cellarium offers edge-cutting luxury homes and villas in the city of Coimbatore. The parent company, VIP Green Home Developers Pvt Ltd. has been in the real-estate market for over 30 years now and has developed over 35 projects across the state of Tamilnadu. Culminating experience with workmanship has helped provide the people the necessary solutions for their needs, propelling us to enter the luxury segment through Cellarium Construction Ltd.

Our Aim:

The key to a good home lies in its quality and affordability. We at Cellarium offer a plethora of amenities and focus on achieving a symbiotic relationship with the customer by providing the perfect home one demands. Innovative building techniques, competent technology advancements, and improved design patterns have propelled the company to reach the zenith of enrichment and self-sufficiency. With handpicked consultants, country-top architects and premier service firms Cellarium remains committed to achieving its goal to provide architectural feats at competent prices.

How We Do:

Quality and ability to meet consumer needs have helped us in providing better solutions. With industry standard use of materials and consumables, the primal focus remains in building architectural marvels with prioritized quality. Overall growth and emphasis on improved consumer relations has helped maintain the position of the company as a market leader. With a pool of experienced workmen and talent, providing an enriching experience and livelihood is part of our process. Thus, helping us achieve the aim to providing overall sustainable luxury villas at affordable prices.

Our Values